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And the crowd goes wild: Pretzelphoria best sellers

Meredith de BloisComment
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Here at Pretzelphoria, we're always cycling through our favorite artisan spiced pretzels. One week, we're all for the Crab Fest, the next week we can't get enough of our Wow Wasabi peanuts. 

Maybe that's why we came up with the 9 Pretzel Mix. It's just too hard to choose!

So we let our customers do the choosing. Here are the top 4 pretzels, chosen by our online friends. 

1. Chocolate covered pretzels

I guess it's no surprise that our Chocolate covered pretzels have nabbed the #1 spot. Our thin, salty pretzels are covered in rich dark or milk chocolate from Lancaster's own Wilbur Chocolate Factory.

These classic pretzels come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as sugar-free milk chocolate and sugar-free dark chocolate. Whichever flavor you choose, you will not be disappointed!

The chocolate just melts in your mouth, if you can wait that long to devour it!

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2. Wing It pretzels

With a Buffalo sauce that packs a bite, hot wings are one of the most-beloved party snacks. So, of course our pretzel version of this savory snack would be coveted by pretzel lovers as well. Grab the blue cheese or ranch dressing and dig in. 

The palate pleasing pretzel is coated with vinegar and spice, so these Wing Its include everything you love about hot wings.

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3. Knots of Garlic

We couldn't be prouder that one of our newer flavors has shot up to become a fan favorite. Why? Well, it's the killer combo of garlic and cheese, of course!

Our scrumptious Knots of Garlic are tasty with warm dips, from zesty marinara to spinach & artichoke, and a must-have for weekend parties to watch the football games. See why this newbie is a snack champ!

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4. Honey Mustard

Rounding out our top 4 is Honey Mustard – a crowd favorite. Ours has an extra punch of premium mustard and a pinch of garlic, which gives the flavor a dash of sweet honey flavor, followed quickly by a tangy, peppery zing.

As you bite into the crispy pretzel, you get the full blend of sweet, spice and salt that is sure to satisfy.

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Did your favorite not make the list? Tell us (and our fans) what you love in the comments.