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No place like home... Help students settle back in school with a care package

Meredith de BloisComment

Between cramming all your stuff into dorm rooms, fielding new friendships with neighbors, figuring out where classes your classes are, buying ridiculously expensive text books, and of course, piles of homework, starting off the school year can be harrowing.

If you know a student who is fielding a new semester at college, give them a break from the ramen, Easy Mac and other dull snacks with a gift box from Pretzelphoria. Send it straight to their dorm for a snack-filled surprise, or send it to your home so you can pack it with a variety of other must-haves for the school year. 

We asked some of our friends and relatives what they are most grateful for:

No shocker here. Cafeterias and food courts are notoriously expensive, so help them save their money for laundry day and send them some great study snacks. From Holy Cow Habanero Hot Pops to Wasabi Peas, we've got plenty of spicy options to keep students wide-eyed during all-night cram sessions. And for those bouts of homesickness, our chocolate snacks are almost as good as a big hug from you. They're perfect for breaking the ice during a movie night with neighbors and might even be valuable bartering tools when it comes to dishwashing duty. 


It's amazing how fast you run out of everything from toothpaste to shampoo. Leave a bottle in the shower for five minutes and you can kiss your favorite conditioner good-bye! For the ladies, individual face masks will not only keep her looking fresh and feeling fancy, but is a great way to destress after that pop quiz in chemistry. This is the must-have beauty item for fall!
Bottom line: Fill shower caddy and you'll have one clean and happy loved one!


Dorm rooms are breeding grounds for future lifelong friendships ... and weeks-long colds. It's a guarantee that your student will not be prepared for the onslaught of germs and fever-inducing viruses that will threaten the success of that poly sci quiz in week 3. Save the day with vitamin-C packed teas and cough drops that they can share with their roommate at 2 a.m. (Hint: Our honey cinnamon and chocolate sweet dips make a great accompaniment)


Everyone knows if you want to be in the know on the hottest new bands out there, you just ask your college-age relative. But every college kid knows the days of free downloading are over. Rumors of those poor college kids getting sued for thousands have change the college music game, so help your student out with a little credit. They might say they used it to rent that helpful documentary for their Women's History class, but let's face it. If Queen Bey drops an album, it's almost as important as finals week.


Oh, it's food again. Did we mention how much we heard "SNACKS!" as the number one answer? These kids are growing, both mentally and physically, so keep 'em cared for! 

Customize a care package for your student today!  

Best of luck to everyone starting new academic adventures!