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Perfect Pairings: Beer & Pretzels

Meredith de BloisComment

Let's face it. Our pretzels are just better with beer.

And vice-versa.

There's something so natural about the salty, toasty crunch of a pretzel washed down by a refreshing beverage with the perfect blend of malt and hops. We could just wax poetic about it for days.

But we don't have days, because today, my friends, is National Beer Day!

All of our pretzels are good with all of the beers. But, to celebrate, we're offering up some of our perfect pairings (from craft breweries - support small businesses!), so you too can enjoy the Pretzelphoria/Beer magic. 



Perfect Pairings

Meredith de BloisComment

From time to time, we'll share with you some of our suggestions for ideal food and drink pairings, delicious flavor combinations and gift ideas we're sure your friends and family will enjoy. 

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