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Take your Valentine's Day Sweets Up a Level

Meredith de BloisComment

Remember in middle school when you were so excited about Valentine's Day because it meant you got to eat Sweethearts? I mean, they were candy. And they spelled things! So fun. Well, like most things, adulthood probably took some of the joy out of eating them. Because as it turns out, they aren't that delicious as far as candy goes. Well, we had a brilliant idea (if we do say so ourselves) for a super tasty and adult way to spell things with heart shaped desserts: chocolate chunk red velvet and dark chocolate caramel brownies topped with our Alphabet Pretzels.

Here's how it went down...


You can use your favorite Red Velvet recipe (just be sure to add chocolate chunks for that extra flavor). For the chocolate brownies, we suggest Smitten Kitchen's Salted Caramel Brownie's. The salty pretzel on top really takes everything next level. 

And because we can't let good brownies go to waste and we are full of good ideas these days, we made rum balls out of the leftover scraps from cutting out the hearts. We did say this was for adults after all...  


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